About The Authors

Renée Warren

Renée Warren, a determined realist, is the former founder of popular startup PR firm Onboardly. She’s written hundreds of articles and eBooks on startup marketing and has helped some notable clients get on TV shows, magazines, and popular blogs. She is currently on a mission to help over 1 million entrepreneur families gain more freedom in their lives through her program The Family Academy. A certified reiki practitioner, CrossFit athlete and mom to Irish twins, Renée resides on the East coast of Canada with her husband and kids.

Crystal Richard

Crystal Richard is the President and Owner of Crystal Richard, a global consulting biz helping startups, entrepreneurs, brands, and small businesses create and tell stories that will attract a tribe of raving fans. A passionate storyteller, Crystal helps entrepreneurs from Cape Town to France to San Franciso get media coverage and bylines in leading online publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, the New York Times, Inc. and more. Prior to launching her own company, Crystal was the Director of PR at Onboardly Media. Over her career as a publicist, she has brokered an HGTV pilot, landed a client on the Steve Harvey Show and has taken the stage more than once to speak about storytelling in a digital world. When she isn’t brokering media opportunities, Crystal is the blogger behind lifestyle + travel blog East Coast Mermaid where she has partnered with notable tourism and lifestyle brands as a content creator. She will be the first to admit that her cat with thumbs was Instagram famous first.