What You'll Learn in This Book

Getting media coverage for your startup

The ROI of PR

Yes, there is a return. Establish why you're doing PR and what outcome you deserve, then get a plan in place to make it happen.

Crafting Your Story

Likely the toughest part of the process, your story is what sells your product. Learn how to extract the right angles and details to craft the ultimate story readers will share over and over again.

How to Measure PR

Measurement is king and monitoring your progress is the gold crown. Learn what to measure and why you're doing it.

Perfecting the Pitch

Learn how, what, and when to pitch your startups story to the media.

Confirming Media Coverage

Become more aware of the steps to actually receiving media coverage that converts.

Keeping Up with Momentum

Learn how to keep the media, journalists, and writers interested in your story (and product!)